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Homemade Soy Candle Company

Papa’s Candle Shoppe is a soy candle company specializing in soy candles for sale made from the cleanest-burning soy wax with all-natural, lead-free wicks. You can buy our homemade soy candles in small jelly jars or our larger soy candles in mason and vibe jars for the ultimate in long-term aromatic delight. Our soy candles are guaranteed to burn cleanly all the way to the bottom, and we have plenty of scents from which you can choose your favorites. Our candles are brightly colored to match their unique fragrances and can be decoratively placed in any room for a clean, stylish look and feel. Check out our selection of relaxing soy wax melts guaranteed to be long lasting and smell great.

You won’t find better soy candles for less, and we stand behind every candle we make! Our soy candles make the perfect gift for any occasion, and we always offer free shipping on all orders. Buy our homemade soy candles now, or give us a call for more information and we’ll help you find exactly what you need.

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Featured Products

6 Pack Special Vibe Jar
List Price: $149.94
Our Price: $149.94
Deal of the Day Price: $105.00
Savings: $44.94
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Mason jar soy candle
6 Pack 16 oz Mason Jars
List Price: $74.50
Our Price: $87.00
Deal of the Day Price: $65.50
Savings: $9.00
You'll earn 200 points

$10.92 Each Candle!

6 -16 oz of highly scented soy wax in a country looking mason canning jar.

Scented Soy candles
6 Pack Jelly Jar
Six 8 oz Jelly Jars $75.00
Our Price: $72.99
Deal of the Day Price: $42.99
Savings: $32.01
You'll earn 100 points

Scented Soy Candles Six-Pack

Located in the heart of Amish country, Papa’s Candle Shoppe is the best Pennsylvania soy candle shop with scents to match every room and every mood. Our 8-oz. soy candle 6-pack gives you a chance to try them all. You can enjoy the delicious scent of Hazelnut Coffee or Fruit Slices in your kitchen, and keep your living room light and airy with the smell of Juniper Breeze or Driftwood. Slip between your sheets at night with Honeysuckle Jasmine or Lavender Vanilla while freshening your powder room with the fresh scent of Clean Cotton.

Studies show that scent can have a powerful effect on our memories and moods, and simply smelling a familiar aroma, such as Hot Apple Pie, can take us back to those lazy Saturday mornings at grandma’s house. Look for your old favorites or switch it up to keep things new and exciting. Holiday scents can also be fun to incorporate into your scent profile. No matter which candle variety you choose, our jelly jar candle six-packs provide long-lasting, clean-burning soy candles with natural wicks that can have your house smelling like home in no time.

scented soy candle for less
Scented Soy Candles Case Lots
List Price: $143.88
Our Price: $143.88
Deal of the Day Price: $74.50
Savings: $69.38
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Soy Candles Wholesale

When you purchase our soy candles by the case you pay close to wholesale soy candles prices. You can choose a different fragrance theme for each room of your home or get extras of your favorite scents as gifts for family members or friends. Buying scented soy candles in bulk gives you plenty of options with a dozen of our highly scented soy candles per case. You choose the scent of each candle, whether you prefer a fresh, summer scent like our deliciously sweet Blueberry Cobbler or something warm and wintery like our warm and spicy Gingerbread House.

Each of Papa's Candle Shoppe's all-natural soy wax candles is hand-crafted in the U.S. from clean-burning soy wax and features a slow-burning wick so you can enjoy every last bit of scent they have to offer. With vibrant colors and lush fragrances, our 8-oz. jelly jar candles are designed to enrich your environment. We guarantee you will love our clean-burning candles, or we’ll replace or refund them. Buy our small soy candles wholesale to save you time and money on all your candle needs. Choose your scents now and you can save up to 40 percent with free shipping!

$6.20 Each Candle!

* These scented soy candles do Not come individually wrap they are shipped in case lots.

Description of scents click here

case scented soy candles

Highly Scented Soy Candles

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