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MJ16   1 - 16 oz Mason Jars
2MJ16   2 -16 oz Mason Jars
2PJJ   2 Pack Jelly Jar Scented Soy Wax Candles
WMW24   24 Wax Melts Wholesale
VJ2   27 oz Vibe Jars Twin Pack
3MJ16   3 Pack 16 oz Mason Jars
3PJJ   3 Pack Jelly Jars
3PJJFB   3 Pack Jelly Jars | Facebook
3PWM   3 Pack Wax Melts
4VJ   4 Pack Special Vibe Jar
6MJ16   6 Pack 16 oz Mason Jars
SP8   6 Pack Jelly Jar
6VJ   6 Pack Special Vibe Jar
6PWM   6 Pack Wax Melts
AS27   Apple Spice 27 oz Vibe Jar
AS8   Apple Spice 8 oz
AST   Apple Spice Melts
AWBT   Apple Walnut Bread
AWB8   Apple Walnut Bread 8 oz
BB27   Bamboo 27 oz Vibe Jar
BB8   Bamboo 8 oz
BAT   Bamboo Wax Melts
BNBT   Banana Nut Bread
BN27   Banana Nut Bread 27 oz Vibe Jar
BN8   Banana Nut Bread 8 oz
Bay8   Bayberry 8 oz
BBT   Bayberry Wax Melts
541BLCT   Bless This Home
BSVJ   Blue Spruce 27 oz Vibe Jar
BS8   Blue Spruce 8 oz
BL27   Blueberry 27 oz Vibe Jar
BBC8   Blueberry Cobbler 8 oz
BCT   Blueberry Cobbler Wax Melts
CP27   Caramelize Pralines 27 oz Vibe Jar
CP8   Caramelized Praline 8 oz
CPT   Caramelized Praline Tarts
CF8   Chocolate Fudge 8 oz
CM8   Chocolate Mint 8 oz
CH27   Christmas Hearth 27 oz Vibe Jar
CH8   Christmas Hearth 8 oz
CHT   Christmas Hearth Wax Melts
CT27   Christmas Tree 27 oz Vibe Jar
CT8   Christmas Tree 8 oz
CTT   Christmas Tree Wax Melts
CC27   Clean Cotton 27 oz Vibe Jar
CC8   Clean Cotton 8 oz
CCT   Clean Cotton Wax Melts
CR27   Cranberry Marmalade 27 oz Vibe Jar
CBM8   Cranberry Marmalade 8 oz
CMT   Cranberry Marmalade Wax Melts
DK27   Drakker 27 oz Vibe Jar
DT8   Drakker Type 8 oz
DW27   Driftwood 27 oz Vibe Jar
DW8   Driftwood 8 oz
EG27   English Garden 27 oz Vibe Jar
EG8   English Garden 8 oz
FAQ   FAQ on Candle Making
FT8   Fig Tree 8 oz
FFVJ   Fraiser Fir 27 oz Vibe Jar
FF8   Fraiser Fir 8 oz
FSVJ   Fruit Slices 27 oz Vibe Jar
FS8   Fruit Slices 8 oz
GB3   Gift Box #3
GB4   Gift Box #4
GH8   Gingerbread House 8 oz
GHWM   Gingerbread House Wax Melts
GRT   Golden Rose
GR27   Golden Rose 27 oz Vibe Jar
GR8   Golden Rose 8 oz
HJ4   Happy July $th
HC8   Hazelnut Coffee 8 oz
HCT   Hazelnut Coffee Wax Melts
HFVJ   Hearts And Flowers 27 oz Vibe Jar
HF8   Hearts and Flowers 8 oz
HAFT   Hearts and Flowers Tarts
HSJ27   Honey Suckle Jasmine 27 oz Vibe Jar
HJ8   Honeysuckle Jasmine 8 oz
HAP27   Hot Apple Pie 27 oz Vibe Jar
HAP8   Hot Apple Pie 8 oz
I10P   International 10 Pack Jelly Jar
ISP   International 6 Pack Jelly Jar
I2PJJ   International Twin Pack Jelly Jar
JB8   Juniper Breeze 8 oz
541RGSKB   Kettle Black
LV8   Lavender Vanilla 8 oz
LC8   Lemon Chiffon 8 oz
LL8   Lilac 8 oz
LS8   Love Spell 8 oz
MA8   Macintosh Apple 8 oz
MD4   Mothers Day Package.
VJGP   Other Scents For Vibe Jars
Product Review   Papa's Candle Review Page
PLS   Papa's Large Sampler
PMS   Papa's Mid-Sized Sampler
PP8   Pecan Pie 8 oz
PM8   Plumeria 8 oz
PS8   Pumpkin Soufflé 8 oz
RO8   Rose 8 oz
541STRT   Rustic Tin Country Star
CAL15   Scented Soy Candles Case Lots
SUF   Sign Up Form
SW1   Soy Wax 1 lb
SW10   Soy Wax 10 lbs
SW3   Soy Wax 3 lb
SW5   Soy Wax 5 lbs
SB8   Strawberry 8 oz
SRR8   Sun Ripened Raspberry 8 oz
SRRT   Sun Ripened Raspberry Wax Melts
2PWM   Twin Pack Wax Melts
VV8   Very Vanilla 8 oz
VL8   Violet Lime 8
WSC   Welcome 1st Soy Candle
WVJ27   Wholesale Vibe Jars (4 Pack)
WT1   Wick Trimmers

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