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Why Soy Candles?
Why Free Shipping?
Why Papa's Candle Shoppe?


Located in the mountains of Central Pennsylvania is a quaint little place called Papa’s Candle Shoppe. I chose that name because my little Grandkids call me Papa!

We began our scented soy candle making business in December of 2009. I have four daughters and a wife who loves to burn candles and they were not satisfied with the quality they were getting from other name brand candles. So, since I am a chef who is always searching for ways to improve on recipes, I went to work making top of the line candles.

Since my wife and daughters are “nuts” about healthy living and always filling my kitchen with herbs or raw and organic foods, I decided to go green with my candles and make them with all natural “soy.”’

We tested our candles for months with our family and friends until we got the perfect candle with the best scent and then put them on the web, where they are selling extremely well.

I know that there are many candle makers who put out a great product so if Papa’s Candle Shoppe was to be #1, I would not only have to be #1 in selling the BEST candles but also in customer service as well as shipping.

We decided that Papa’s Candle Shoppe would offer free shipping any size order anywhere in the USA and we always ship in one business day.

We are so confident that our product cannot be beat, that we put a guarantee on them to burn clean.... right down to the bottom of the jar while keeping their robust aroma or we'll replace them free.

So, if the label says Papa’s Candle Shoppe then it is.... Excellence in Soy!

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